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  • Government Bid Research
  • Bid Writing Services
  • GSA Application Processing
  • SBA Processing
  • News Service
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An Established Record of Success


We are the leader in the industry with over 1,300 schedules awarded, and over 215 awards just this year.

  • Current number of GSA Schedule Award recipients: 1,633
  • Current number of pending GSA applications: 360

About Government Spending


The government spends approximately $420,094,324 million per hour! Thats over $10,082,263,776 per day. Over half the money the United States Federal Government spent last year with small businesses was spent outside each state.

Why? Because the Federal purchasing agents weren’t able to find local small businesses that could provide the products and services they needed!

About us


Welcome to the online home of the Gov Doc App. As an independent GSA application consulting company, we are completely focused on working with small businesses and helping them to secure government contracts.

The Gov Doc App has a dedicated staff of application processors located in our newly acquired application processing facility in Tampa, Florida. Our 40 plus team of processors committed themselves to working with you to successfully submit your GSA application.

Our commitment doesn’t end upon application submission, in fact, in some cases, our expertise can help guide a submission through the delicate pricing negotiations and clarifications to approval.


our expertise


We do one thing very well: Process GSA applications and submit them to the GSA on behalf of our clients.

The Gov Doc App acts as your advocate through every step of the GSA acquisition process, our mission is to see you successfully navigate the federal procurement process.

We are the leader in the industry with over 1,300 schedules awarded, and over 200 awards just this year.

There are several 3rd party GSA application solutions available to independent business owners: boutique consultants; researchers & writers; law firms with a government specialization; seminars; and countless self-help publications.


A Proud History

  • Over 17 years in business: Established 11/01/1995
  • 4,116 satisfied clients using our GSA application services.
  • 929 Satisfied clients using our Bidding services
  • We have 262 enthusiastic and well trained employees
  • 2 offices in FL, 1 office in SC, & 1 office in Pittsburgh, PA
  • $100 Million+ pending Non-GSA bids written for our clients just in the month
  • $1.8 Billion Dollars in Bid submittals is our on target goal for 2013
  • We are the largest and most successful GSA assistance company in the World!